Residential Electric Inspection

Inspect beyond and protect your property

Firstly, we do residential electric inspections using thermal imaging. In order to detect potential fire hazards. Certainly, to ensure your electrical is running at its safest.

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Our electricians perform infrared surveys on your electrical panel and home wiring. In order to see potential fire hazards. And, ensure your electrical is running at its safest power. Our techs are licensed and certified using non-contact thermal imaging cameras. To point out, our residential electric inspections are able to capture all parts in a non-invasive method. Contrarily to common methods which can miss problems. Not to mention, can be slower.

Infrared Camera Finds Amid a Residential Electric Inspection

Firstly, the flow of current along an electric system generates heats. To point out, other electrical units and parts spawn heat depending on their state. That is, when any part of the electric system is strained, it heats up a lot. To that end, it is such odd heating that we, through the help of thermal imaging, would be looking for. To repeat, a heating element along the electric system is a clear sign of a fault. Nevertheless, below are conditions that generate heat in an electric circuit.

Old Wiring

In general, aluminum wiring poses a fire threat with a higher rate of expansion and contraction. In the event that can lead to loose connections. Also, Knob-and-tube wiring is a thing of the past. In particular, insurance companies require it be replaced.

Deteriorated Connections

In like fashion, old electric wiring can fall apart and pose a safety hazard for many reasons. Hence without your knowledge. In time, insulation protecting the inner wires of your electrical system can break down due to aging. Sooner or later could cause electrical shorts. To be sure, get a residential electric inspection.

Residential electric inspection

Loose Connections

Albeit, wires are under a constant cycle of heating and cooling. Coupled with expansion and contraction. While every time a switch is used or appliances are plugged in, the natural result of all this usage is that wire connections can loosen over time. Likewise, loose connections can occur in poor installs.

Overloaded Circuit

It must be remembered that the electrical wiring and breakers in your home are designed to handle a specific amount of electricity. On account of adding devices, appliances, outlets and power bars. Sooner or later, it increases the load on the circuit. That is, passing the rated load causes heat in the wiring and at the terminals. Thus risking a potential fire hazard.

Non thermal inspection

  • Thorough inspection of panel and wiring
  • Detailed report
  • Upgrade recommendations
  • 24/7 service
  • 1 hour inspection

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