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Jan 14, 2021 | Commercial electrical company

Finding a Commercial Electrician

When you’re looking for an electrician or electrical company, it’ll seem as though residential and commercial electricians are relatively similar. Equally, both types of technicians are able to turn on a light switch. However, the two are actually more different than you might realize. Here’s what you need to know about what sets a commercial electrician or commercial electrical company apart from residential ones.

Knowledge of a Commercial Electrician

In general, installations that require a commercial electrician tends to be much more complex than residential systems. Commercial properties are often much larger than single-family homes. They require more extensive electrical work to power the entire facility. Here’s a quick list of typical commercial buildings:

  • Office buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Retail buildings
  • Strip malls
  • Shopping malls
  • Medical centres
  • Hotels
  • Multi-family housing buildings
  • Farm buildings
  • Garages

These buildings, most often require higher voltages to power their special equipment. And, require the utmost reliability in their electrical system to protect their assets.

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Those who are qualified to work on residential systems may not necessarily be capable of working as commercial electricians. To ensure your business is getting the best electrical system possible, it is important to work with a qualified electrician who has experience in commercial installations.

Power Requirements

Typically, residential properties utilize single-phase electricity. This means that all of the wiring in the home is fed from a single wire from the utility and provides 120/240V. Only certain appliances, like air conditioners and refrigerators, generally need the higher 240V. In commercial applications, several different voltages are used, including 208, 240, 480 and 600 volts. The voltage required for a particular application will vary according to the power requirements of the needs of the business. Commercial electricians must also be familiar with three-phase wiring.

Electrical design

Commercial electricians need to have easier access to the facility’s wiring on a regular basis. Many commercial facilities rent or lease space to various businesses, so the layout and configuration of the building can change frequently as companies come and go. So, this is reflected in the initial design process. Because of this, the wires have to run through metal or plastic tubing along the walls or just above the ceiling tiles. Commercial electricians may need to adjust the wiring for each new business. They don’t want to have to tear down walls in order to do so.

Commercial electric is complex, with many factors involved to ensure that the power supply for your shop, factory or warehouse is adequate for the work you do. Generally, electric systems for these types of buildings will be designed by an engineer, based on a specific set of requirements, and installed by a commercial electrical contractor. Because there are strict regulations to ensure safety, you should only ever have any work done on commercial electric by a qualified, certified commercial electrician.

Why Your Business Needs a Commercial Electrician

While it may be tempting to stick with a residential electrician you know. Or, maybe even a commercial electrician giving you a good deal. This person is likely not the best choice for a quality commercial job. Becoming a commercial electrician requires training and experience above the realm of residential electrical. When it comes to powering your business, you want to ensure you are getting exactly what your company needs.

While your residential electrician may be able to handle some commercial electrical work. Commercial electricians will have not only the expertise but also the proper equipment and resources. As a result, this will ensure your company is able to operate as smoothly as possible with minimal electrical disruptions.

We are your Commercial Electricians

Choose a commercial electrical company that has experience in the same applications you are looking for. For the best commercial electricians in Winnipeg and Manitoba, contact COBO electrical. We’ll help you power your business so it can shine a light anywhere you need.

Commercial electrical company

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