Electrical panel install

Winnipeg electricians bring the best in electrical panel installs. Together with, electrical panel upgrades and panel retrofit kits. Not only that but also subpanels.

Industrial electrical panel – Commercial electrical panel

We have a team of highly skilled and specialized techs. Hence, we are electrical experts ready to take on the most complex projects.

Industrial electrical panel consist of power circuits or control circuits. Which provide signals that direct the performance of machinery or equipment. Electrical panel install design begins with weighing design requirements and specifications and preparing schematics. Although, the design process can be quite complex in order to ensure that all applicable regulatory standards and safety requirements are met.

Our Electrical panel installs

Electrical panel install

Industrial Panel Design

In essence, our designs ensure that electrical service is properly sized and coordinated to meet the needs of each facility’s electrical load. The design is extended from the electrical service entrance point to individual distribution panelboards, motor control centers, and other auxiliary systems.

Electrical panel install


We supply every piece of equipment necessary in order to complete a job. Specifically, we select from reputable manufacturers to provide quality products. With the result that our electrical panel installs are guaranteed for safety and long-life.

Electrical panel install


We provide without doubt an installation that fits in every detail. And in any case, we deliver within the proposed timeline. In like manner,  we comply to your facility’s regulations. For the purpose to support your production.

Electrical panel install


As soon as the electrical panel install is completed, we test. After that, we ensure your performance and design using on-site testing. In conclusion, we won’t leave a job until your production is operating fully.

Contact us at this instant for a professional installation of your industrial panel or subpanel. COBO electric

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