Efficiency Manitoba’s Business Lighting Program!

Start Saving in energy bills

This program targets commercial, agriculture and industrial facilities to upgrade their lighting to a energy efficient system. Take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportinity.

Industrial and commercial lighting

Our team of highly skilled, specialized techs are ready to guide you in your energy-efficient lighting upgrade project. From big to small, complex to simple, we can take care of it with the best recommendation and professional install.

We are proud to announce that we are a registered with Efficiency Manitoba to be able to offer this amazing incentive to our clients.

This program covers upgrades from lighting fixtures, lamps, signage, and controls. On top of the incentive, you will be paying far less in your energy bill once the upgrades are complete. It’s a great scenario!

We encourage everyone to see your eligibility and apply before the program ends.

Business Lighting Program Bonus!


Efficiency Manitoba is increasing the current incentives by 25% for applications completed by the customer before March 31, 2024.

Contact us at this instant for a professional installation of your industrial lighting system. COBO electric

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