Manitoba Thermal Imaging – Prevent Fires

Feb 22, 2022 | Uncategorized, Thermal Imaging

Manitoba thermal imaging

Manitoba thermal imaging and Thermal cameras are extremely useful for a broad range of applications. Concurrently, we are looking at the electrical side of things. Winnipeg thermal imaging inspections can provide you with a wide range of information. Most importantly, help you uncover potential problems in your business and industrial plant.

At COBO Electric we are certified thermographers able to do Manitoba thermal imaging inspections.  We can help you to find and understand these potential dangers. Infrared thermal imaging cameras spot small, but key changes in temperature throughout the electrical equipment.  Identifying problems that the eye can’t see and that a visual inspection could only hypothesize. Identifying these potentially problematic areas can help to prevent malfunction or even possible fire. A proper Winnipeg thermal imaging is the best preventative maintenance.

Preventing fires

If the circuit is overloaded, or if there’s some type of damage to the wiring, hotspots can develop. If left unidentified, it can lead to fires or other serious conditions. A bad connection, old wiring, corroded insulation are all factors that create heat in a circuit. Sometimes the heat at an electrical panel can reach 80 degrees celsius! A perfect recipe for an arc flash and a fire in your facility. Manitoba thermal imaging can detect these hotspots and we can remediate the wiring as soon as possible.

It is recommended that business owners periodically check the temperature of their electrical panels and electrical equipment. Thus, to ensure that everything is in good working order. People often do not realize these hazards because they are hidden from sight. We at COBO can perform a Manitoba thermal imaging inspection without intruding your production. Our Winnipeg thermal imaging can expose these hotspots. Once such areas are recognized we provide a report stating what the probable cause was that generated the issue. Thereafter, we give our recommendations to fix the problem properly. For the purpose of taking the necessary precautions and actions to avert catastrophic scenarios like a fire! Moreover, having an up to date electrical Winnipeg thermal imaging inspection can even help to reduce your insurance premiums. So be sure to check with your insurance company.