Common industrial electrical problems

Oct 29, 2020 | Electrical Maintenance Program

Industrial electrical

There can be a multitude of different industrial electrical problems that can appear within a manufacturing plant or any similar business. That’s why you need to understand what industrial electrical issues can arise and how you can deal with them appropriately. Here you have a list with some of the most common industrial electrical problems out there.

Appliances are breaking the circuit

Businesses tend to have a lot of high voltage appliances. Due to that, it’s quite common for circuits to break when multiple appliances are working at the same time. What this shows is the appliances require too much power and you are overloading the circuit. With a professional thermal imaging inspection you can identify what causes the issue, making sure that you stay away from any possible problems and concerns. That can make a huge difference, since you can identify the problem before you encounter any electrical issues.

Sparks that come from electrical outlets

Most commercial settings encounter this issue from time to time. It appears whenever there’s a fast power diversion to a certain appliance. Most of the time sparks appear just for a few seconds, but they can light up things on fire, so it’s very dangerous. Thermal imaging inspections help here, since you can identify if the power outlet is hot and stop the connection before any sparks might appear.

Immediate power loss

There are situations when commercial users can end up without any electricity. A sudden loss of power can be very problematic for a variety of reasons. First, any fridges not working properly will render anything inside obsolete. If your business relies on using electrical items, then you will not be able to resume your work.

You can sometimes deal with this issue on your own simply by finding the fuse box or the main breaker panel. Then you just have to identify the trigger and un-trip it. However, in some cases this can be very hazardous, so you need to hire a professional, just to be safe.

Flickering lights

Flickering lights are those industrial electrical problems that can appear when you have frayed wiring. If the wires are damaged, then you will have a loss of power for a few seconds. It’s not overly dangerous, but it can be problematic and it’s a good idea to address this issue as fast as possible.

Power dips and sags

These are common for many industrial facilities. These appear whenever power grids are faulty. It’s also possible for the issue to arise when the grid is not made from high quality materials. When that happens, it will just draw a lot of power when the system is active.


These industrial electrical problems can appear out of nowhere, so it’s important to figure out what leads to them and how can you solve these issues. A proper thermal imaging inspection can help immensely, and it will eliminate any concerns regarding industrial electrical issues. If you need professional thermal imaging solutions, don’t hesitate and contact us today, we will assess your electrical circuits and ensure that they are in a very good shape. Avail this unique opportunity and get in touch today for a comprehensive thermal imaging service!